Sir Foster: DJ/Producer/One-Man Band

To see a Sir Foster show is to witness a musical tour de force. He gives you more than a live set—you are witnessing a performance. He is seemingly able to channel all the energy in the room into his saxophone, and what comes out sounds like pure joy. He is also able to hype the crowd and play the keyboard—and he does all of this while keeping the energy going as the DJ! 
Born in Fort Valley, GA, Sir Foster relocated to Atlanta and became the in-game organ player for the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks basketball team. He became well known because of his ability to play current songs on the organ, and was featured in media outlets both inside the sports world (ESPN The Magazine, SLAM, TMZ Sports) and outside of it (Billboard Magazine, GQ, The Source, CNN, Red Bull Radio). His ability to read the crowd and to play what’s hot eventually lead to him being named as the organist for the NBA’s All-Star weekend 5 for 5 consecutive years (2014-2018). 
In addition to being an musician, Sir Foster is also a producer and an artist. He recently released the single “I’m A Beast,” featuring southern rap legends Bonecrusher & Pastor Troy. The song is a high energy hip hop banger which showcases Sir Foster’s style.   
Foster’s music has elements of hip hop and electronic music. All of these are on display during his dj sets, where he switches from Dj to keyboard player to hype man to saxophone player with an ease that makes his show a must see.