Sir Foster is the Number One Stadium Sports Musician in the world. He combines elements of DJ'ing with live musicianship on the keyboard and the saxophone to create an unforgettable atmosphere. 

Sir Foster first received national attention as the Atlanta Hawks organ player by playing arrangements of current songs on the organ. He has since become the DJ for the Georgia Bulldogs Football Team as well as the organ player for NBA All Star Weekend for five consecutive years (2014-2018). 

In addition to performing at sporting events, Sir Foster also performs at corporate functions and other entertainment venues. In April of 2019 he added Production to his resume, co-producing a radio ad for Julian Sanders & Associates Law Firm in Atlanta Georgia. The ad was played on three of the largest stations in Atlanta and has been heard by millions. 

Sir Foster is available for festivals, concerts, awards shows, sporting events, corporate events, weddings and music direction among other things. He is the person to call any time you need the music to be both edgy and enjoyable for everyone.